Love The Ocean, Love Life

You might have already noticed that I love the Ocean. Now other place on earth has such peace, magic and energy.

I love diving, and I love sharks. My favourite sharks are hammerheads. I dream about going to Costa Rica and diving with a big school of hammerhead sharks.

Unfortunately, this might soon be imposible. Sharks have been driven almost to extinction by the fishing industries in Japan and China. The mafia behind the ilegal shark fining industries is fierce and grows rapidly.

What we don´t understand is that we need sharks much more than they need us. And that if we deploy our oceans of these magnificent creatures, we will eventually run out of oxygen. We will be cutting one vital link in the chain.

There is an amazing and brave group of people that fight (literally) for these and other creatures in the Oceans, such as whales, dolphins and seals. Sea Shepherd.

I support this organization, and I hope that you understand the degree and importance of this problematic enough to take actions in your hands by either joining, supporting or spreading the voice.


Si estas en Argentina, también podes contribuir con esta noble causa.

Informate, participa, contribuye. Esta en nuestras manos hacer de este mundo un lugar mejor, seamos la generación que cambie el mundo para mejor. Cuidemos nuestros Oceanos, respetemos a todas las criaturas que lo habitan. A ellos les pertenece, no a nosotros. Es su hogar, nosotros solo lo tomamos prestado. Hagamoslo con respeto.

Leave a print of your thoughts and positive energy.

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