Home Sweet Home!!

After spending some nice calm days with my parents in Skänninge I’m now back to Stockholm. Though it’s nice to be “home”, it’s really nice to be home, especially when getting welcomed by my best friend:

Mmmmmm….. I know, I talk to much about coffe, but I can’t help it, and no I’m not sponsored by Nesspresso. (Would love to be though 🙂 )

Now it’s time for bed! Miss Nesspresso: see you in the morning.
Good night everyone!

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home!!

    1. Way to go Amelia! keep up the good coffee talk.
      I also see that you like baking bread. I love that too, I make a great carrot bread, loads of seeds. Though my oven is not working well anymore. I’ll have to replace it soon, cravings are coming back. ;P


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