My Support to Sea Shepherd, join!

Those who know me know I’am crazy about sharks, diving and everything that has to do with the ocean.

It’s very sad to see how our oceans get more and more destroyed day by day. But there are people out there who dedicate their lives to making this world a better place. Here is my support to Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Organization and, particularly, its division in Argentina.

Fernando: Keep up the good work!!!

Here is the text in English for those of you who don’t understand Spanish. It is a very important message, so spread the word.

Hi, my name is Dave Castaldo, and I want to tell you why I support Sea Shepherd.

Today I am going to talk about one of the most marvellous species that inhabit our oceans: The sharks.
These magnificent creatures have survived millions of years in this planet, but now they are in risk of dissapearing…forever.
Every year, 100 million sharks are brutally killed by the fishing mafias that traffic their fins.
It is more than 11.000 sharks every hour, it is nuts!

In Argentina, there are many endangered species. The fishing of Spiny dogfish and hammerhead sharks in the coasts of the country is irreparable damage to our ecosystem.
We need sharks, much more than they need us. Did you know that without sharks we would run out of oxygen?

This ruthless massacre has already killed 90% of the existing sharks.
Damage is unrecoverable, and the killing has to stop.
Sea Shepherd is a conservation society involved by direct action in defense of the whales, sharks, seals and dolphins around the world. More than 30 years have turned them in the most aggressive, active and effective organization.

We need REAL action, to defend our marine ecosystem… 70% of the planet we inhabit.
Get information about this and other campaigns by visiting ( for those outside Argentina) or get in touch by writing to
From Sweden, I am Dave Castaldo, supporting Sea Shepherd for the Oceans and for us.

Leave a print of your thoughts and positive energy.

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