Salmon Sushi? …

Today I felt for sushi so I ordered, as usual, salmon sushi.

They asked if I wanted Japanese or Korean style sushi, and couse as I’m in Korea I, of course, need to try it their way. I was a little surprised though when I got this (the red little seacreature was moving) and this


and this


and this


then a little sashimi


then this


and this


and then a little more sashimi and nigiri.


and of course different types of kimchi.

So if you go to Korea, be prepared to eat a lot, and not always what you think you orded!

2 thoughts on “Salmon Sushi? …

    1. Yes, and scary. That red/orange thing moving on my plate was a bit intimidating I must admit.
      Overall, South Corea was a fantastic experience. I am glad I had the chance to see their culture.


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