Goodbye Stockholm

Before leaving to South Korea, I had a great day in Stockholm.
Starting with Mexican lunch at La Neta. Three quesadillas: rajas, vegetarian and potato.


Then some shopping and a stroll through my beautiful city.


Then movies, saw the latest Woody Allen film. Am I the only one under the impression that the Italian actors were much better than the Hollywood ones? Please illuminate me here, there was something not very convincing in the way they delivered the lines. Don’t know. I wonder which one is Mr. Allen’s next European capital. Stockholm is waiting!

Finally, dinner at Berns.



Chocolate fondue for dessert. Mmmm!!




2 thoughts on “Goodbye Stockholm

    1. Hi Odilets!
      Hard question to answer as I am Swedish and live in Stockholm =)
      Naturally I love the city, though by reading more of my posts you will soon notice how much I hate the Swedish winter. But well, well, that is something all us swedes have to cope with.
      I suggest you visit Stockholm in the summertime. June, July. The city gets so vibrant and it is full of festivals and picnics all over town.
      Or just come by the end of next month to see me play 😉


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