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(Stockholm, Sweden-October 2014) — Swedish artist Dave Castaldo released his new album called Inner Beauty. Loyal to his up-tempo power pop stravaganza, Dave Castaldo delivers another ode to love that combines rock and pop, while infusing an irresistible will to dance along his post-disco bass lines. The record contains 10 songs, and is available for purchase and streaming on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Rhapsody, Wimp and other online platforms.

         The album’s first single, Keep On, calls for rediscovering your partner, and falling in love daily, by sharing the simple things of life with one another. It is a reflection on how—in hectic times—the speed of information has translated into people’s search for a constantly increasing level emotional intensity. As humans are turned into disposable commodities—that can be discarded as soon as that stimuli ceases to grow—love turns into a dangerous quest that translates in apathy and loneliness in the age of individualism. “You need to infuse love into the relationship with that special someone you have chosen to live this adventure,” explains Dave. The video for this song was directed by Ossian Gynther, and connects the artist’s new work to his previous EP—Break Out of Silence (2012)—by paying homage to the silent era of films in its opening and closing scenes.

         The album was recorded and mixed at Sounds of Thunder studios (Stockholm, Sweden), except for I Never Told, mixed and co-produced in Estudios Silbador (Buenos Aires, Argentina) by Andres Dussel. Mastering by Hoffe at Cosmos Mastering (Stockholm, Sweden).

Songs list:

1- Keep On

2- Never Gonna Die

3- Scream

4-I Never Told You

5- Can Not Regret

6- I Want You

7- Here to Stay

8- Can’t Get Enough

9- Karlaplan

10- Last Man Standing




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Dave Castaldo: Voice, bass, guitar, percussion, mellotron and piano.

Johan Salomonsson: Drums in all songs except Can’t Get Enough.

Theodor Arvidsson Kylin: Guitar in Scream, Keep On, and I Never Told You.

Stella Thors Berefelt: Background vocals in Here to Stay, and percussion.

Oscar Leander: Drums in Can’t Get Enough.

C.G: Background vocals in Can’t Get Enough.

Andres Dussel: Claps and whistle in I Never Told You.


Press Photos: Mariana Kasses

Graphic Design: Herman Carlsson

Creative Director: Elizabeth Lundén.