Who the heck is Dave Castaldo?

Welcome to my little corner of nonsense.

I am Dave Castaldo, a musician, and producer from Stockholm, spreading the sounds, sharing the words and loving the world.

I also go by the following descriptions:

– Compulsive Disco bassline player.

– Nespresso Junkie.

– Mad hatter.

– Nail polish fetichist.

– Glitter abuser.

– Shark Angel.

I have recently released my new single, A Whole Lot of Nothing.

It is available for download iTunes, Amazon music and other digital stores. And if you are too young or cheap to buy music, you can also just listen to it on Spotify, Rhapsody and who knows how many other sites.

Likewise, if you happen to enjoy my bouncy clueless sonority, you can find my album, Inner Beauty (2014), my EP Break Out of Silence (2012), and a cover of Brazilian 80’s pop hit Menina Veneno (Yes, I somehow managed to sing in Portuguese…imagine).


– People say that I am a very positive and happy person, I haven’t given it a thought… I will get back to you on that one.

– I get easily distracted by and attracted to shiny objects.

– I proudly announce that I haven’t used MSN until 2007, and I was done with it by 2008. I had a blog from 2012 to 2014. I decided to let it R.I.P and start a friendship with Instagram instead. I am bad with words, I guess. I opened my first twitter account, and my first Facebook page a couple of years ago, and I still suck at handling all of them. I surf the web an average of 10 minutes a day, mostly to dream about holidays in paradise island I never visit. I own 4 email accounts that I check once or twice a month. I might log in to facebook every two weeks, but always forget to reply to the messages. I guess that when it comes to computers all I am interested in and able to do is music. I am not going to promise to work hard on it. I have learned my lesson.

– I own a Wii. I use them once a year to play ABBA Singstar tournaments, then I forget I have them.

– I love waking up in the morning to enjoy the sound of silence, get my coffee ready and take my time to start the day. Unfortunately, I always forget how much I love that and, therefore, rarely get to enjoy it.

– When my last mobile phone died, I lost almost 200 song ideas that I have been recording in it for two years (Note: learning to let go is a great exercise.)

– I still love magazines and vinyl records, and I BUY DVDs …yes, I do. I know, I am one of the few, studios should give me a prize for it. UPDATE: I have subscribed to Netflix. Huh!

– Fugazzeta, Quilmes and cut papaya with lime is the best meal anyone can wish for. Wait… I forgot about choripan with chimichurri.

– Gin and tonic will never be the same since the creation of Pulpo Blanco tonic and Principe de Los Apostoles gin. If you haven’t checked them out and you are a snob gin and tonic drinker, you should.

– One day I will have a dog (border collie), and I will call it Leroy. That day I will need a truck, Leroy loves trucks. UPDATE: I do have a dog, he is not a border collie, he is an Italian volpino, and he is NOT called Leroy, his name is Rodolfo Valentino. I thought it was fair enough since I haven’t got a truck….yet. Does this mean that I have to get a Vespa instead? UPDATE: My dog moved to Argentina. I guess dogs prefer houses with yards and warm weather to an apartment in the dark and cold Swedish winter.

– Yes, it is Alaska and not me in drag in the cover of my previous record. Only because I have a tendency to overuse the word Thunder in all of my musical endeavors (The Thunderbabes, Sounds of Thunder Studios, Club Sounds of Thunder, etc) I let myself fall under the spell of her majesty Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, princess of Glamtron. I shall remain devoted to her for the rest of my days, just because the word thunder is part of her name… Plus she is a Stevie Nicks impersonator… seriously. What is not to love!?!?!??!