The road trip has started!

Last minute preparations.

Hitting the road.

Stopping to grab something to eat by Rota 9 towards Cordoba. Trying to disguise myself as Argentinian. Think I’m doing pretty good though my golden nail polish might blow my cover.

The polis stopped the traffic for a while because of strong winds and tornados. Damn Mother Nature is powerful!!

Spending the night in Villa General Belgrano. It feels like you are in the Alps. Wooden houses, Volkswagens and German beer everywhere. Iike it!




More practicing for the trip to Argentina. It’s a lot of things to learn and get used to.

Preparing the Mate.


Drink Mate and sing simultaneously.


Finishing the day with some nice pasta con salsa de tomate, cheese, and an expensive extremely nice argentinian Rutini. All this while practicing Argentinian slang.


Here’s an example. I love that they have pictures that shows how to use your bodylanguage.


Preparing for Argentina

Just a couple of weeks left until I escape the winter In Stockholm for two nice month in Argentina. So I’m warming up by eating my favorite Argentinian sweets, Alfajores de maizena. Que Riiiiico!!!!!!! And to that some Colombian coffee from Juan Valdez. Mmmmmmm……


Trying some clothes too for the Argentinian desert. Let’s state I’m not a shorts person. Gotta figure something else out. Does anyone know where to find golden sparkling shorts perhaps?


More MEEEE!! Muahahahah……

Enjoying the beach in Pinamar Argentina.

Recording in the studio many years ago.

What’s up Joey?!

Backstage on a photoshoot in Buenos Aires.

Me and my surf buddy Diego heading for the waves. He’s totally kicking my                                                                                                                       ass any day of the week.

Siesta on a 1930’s sailboat off the coast of Sardinia Italy. Could be worse!