More Bulgaria


Here I am, on top of the world…oh…well..on top of this abandoned bridge at least. Whatever…

The best out of my stay in Bulgaria was the breakfast. I have to thank my friends Stanimir and Rosa for it, waking up early every morning to deliver the best omelletes I have ever tasted. Thank you!

Here is a picture of them. She is so vain and flirtatious, look at her pose. And he is giving me the black steel. Don’t worry Stan, she is not my type.

This is one of my fav pictures. I want to have those ambulances when ever I play in a big arena.

The lanscape was so beautiful, so peaceful. The weather was not at its best though, but the silence and the mountains were very calming. Not that I need to become any more chill than I normally am!

It’s getting better!

Bulgaria is getting a little bit better every day. I’m up in the mountains close to the border to Greece and it is really beautiful. Nice and warm, very green but you can see snow on the mountaintops in the distance. It’s very peaceful. Here at the hotel it’s another thing though. Yesterday there was a wedding and today it’s some kind of graduation party. The Bulgarians like to party, long and loud. Home I’m used to fireworks, here they are firing Kalashnikovs. Cultural differences I guess. See what tomorrow has to offer. Good night everyone. 20120525-231219.jpg



A grey and rainy Bulgaria

I changed money at the airport in Sofia and got totally ripped off. The rental car proved to be very expensive, but we needed a car so…it was just to smile and pay. After a 2hrs. bumpy car ride under the rain we finally made it to the hotell, then this happened!

20120524-005839.jpg Nothing strange just the door that fell ofF. Happens all the time, right? Called the car company and they basically told us to fuck off. They claimed they had given us a car that was perfectly fine and said we were not gonna get a new car or the money back. Nice! So I must say, the first impression of Bulgaria hasn’t been the best. Tomorrow better be good!!!!!!!