Preparing for Argentina

Just a couple of weeks left until I escape the winter In Stockholm for two nice month in Argentina. So I’m warming up by eating my favorite Argentinian sweets, Alfajores de maizena. Que Riiiiico!!!!!!! And to that some Colombian coffee from Juan Valdez. Mmmmmmm……


Trying some clothes too for the Argentinian desert. Let’s state I’m not a shorts person. Gotta figure something else out. Does anyone know where to find golden sparkling shorts perhaps?


Food in Bogota

The second day in Bogota starts like this


20120612-084012.jpg If this is not going to be a good day I will be very surprised. Yesterday I went to a really cool restaurant called la Jugeteria. There were toys and dolls everywhere. It was almost like being in a scary movie. You could soo imagine everything coming alive at night. The food was great. Here tomato soup with coriander.

20120612-084519.jpg Tomatoes with mozzarella in the oven and home made pesto.

20120612-084724.jpg And last but not least a nice coffe at the Juan Veldez Cafe. The Colombians sure can make coffe.


NR 8

This is a beautiful song. When you are sitting in the sunrise a summer morning eating blueberries and drinking your newly brewed darkroast coffee, this is the song you should listen to. It’s the last piece of the puzzle of making a great moment perfect! Enjoy!

NR 8. The Mamas And The Papas – Blueberries For Breakfast

Home Sweet Home!!

After spending some nice calm days with my parents in Skänninge I’m now back to Stockholm. Though it’s nice to be “home”, it’s really nice to be home, especially when getting welcomed by my best friend:

Mmmmmm….. I know, I talk to much about coffe, but I can’t help it, and no I’m not sponsored by Nesspresso. (Would love to be though 🙂 )

Now it’s time for bed! Miss Nesspresso: see you in the morning.
Good night everyone!

The Black Gold!!!

Here I am once again. 03:41 and the 17th cup of nespresso going down the hatch. My best friend during late night sessions. Gotta try to get some sleep though, ’cause in 6 hours i’m meeting Thunder Babe Tom at the studio. So now off to be…………………..or mabye just one more cup. Maybe I should try that new cherry flavour, or the chocolate, or that limited edition from…. but the purple one is nice…. or the……………………………..ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz