Anyone in the mood for SAMBA?

So, I finally went into the studio for a proper version of Menina Veneno that all of you enjoy so much live!
I hope you like it, and I tried to bring in as much Brazilian happy vibe as my Swedishness can handle. SHAKE THE DARKNESS AWAY!!!!
I have to say a BIG SPECIAL THANK YOU to:
Johan Salomonsson, who brought the groove with his drums.
Stella thors Berefelt and her magical percussions ready for the carnival.
Theodor Arvidson reminding us that, at the end, it is all about rock and roll with his guitars.
And, of course, Ritchie and Bernardo Vilhena for writing such a catchy tune back in the ’80s.

Free download for all of you with all my love.

Free Dowloads!

I have been very excited about my upcoming show in Argentina! I am getting ready and really looking forward.

In order to celebrate, I have decided to give you all one of my songs free for download. I hope you enjoy it!




A little gift for all of you!

Some time ago someone asked me to make a cover of a Brazilian pop song from the ’80s. The original version of this one hit wonder was by a guy called Ritchie.

Here is my acoustic version. Might not be the best portuguese in the world, but hey! at least I tried. With all my love for Brazilians and the world here goes this free download. Tropical photo included 😉

Written by Ritchie and Bernardo Vilhena.
You can find Ritchie’s original version of the song on iTunes in the following link:

Photo shoot with wonderful Miss Kasses!!

Photo session with my favorite photographer Mariana Kasses at filmhuset in Stockholm. Theme: Silent movies. Here is a backstage photo so you can get an idea of how the pictures will look. Thanx Elizabeth for the superb styling and makeup, and thanx Mariana for being the best!! I’m really looking forward to seeing the pics!! Gracias chicas!!!