Power Trio Rehearsal

Just a normal rehearsal with the ThunderBabes: Theo and Salo. That’s how we do it. Tomorrow we are off to the picnic and pop festival. I am a couple of Babes short, but this power trio is going to rock Picnic and Pop like Picnic and pop has never been rocked before!

More Bulgaria


Here I am, on top of the world…oh…well..on top of this abandoned bridge at least. Whatever…

The best out of my stay in Bulgaria was the breakfast. I have to thank my friends Stanimir and Rosa for it, waking up early every morning to deliver the best omelletes I have ever tasted. Thank you!

Here is a picture of them. She is so vain and flirtatious, look at her pose. And he is giving me the black steel. Don’t worry Stan, she is not my type.

This is one of my fav pictures. I want to have those ambulances when ever I play in a big arena.

The lanscape was so beautiful, so peaceful. The weather was not at its best though, but the silence and the mountains were very calming. Not that I need to become any more chill than I normally am!

R.I.P my dear goddess of disco

Today, my musical heart is devastated to know that Donna Summer will never come onstage to sing “Dance to Forget” with me, or invite me to play Last Dance in one of her shows.

My dear goddess of disco, spread your glitter and shine in heaven, and wait for me wearing your best sequined dress, I will bring the golden shoes.
Thank you for filling the world with octaves.

Romania at it’s best!

The stay in Romania was great. I didn’t have any expectations, but I was happily surprised. By plain luck I stumbled into this restaurant and I could go back just to eat there again. The chef is the judge in Rumainien master chef, and the food was great. The bartender was a super nice guy called Alexander ,and he treated us like kings. It was a long time since I met someone soo passionete for his job. The drinks with his homemade cinnamon syrup were delish. If you ever go to Rumania, go to La Salul Cel Negru and be amazed. And say hi to Alexander for me!