NR 3

It’s going down and it’s going down fast. Top 3. This is one of my favorite bands of all times. They make absolutely beautiful songs. It’s top of the line craftsmanship and the production is always impeccable. If you’re not a fan yet, start listening and I promise you that you  will become one. It’s like the mob or something. Once  you’re in, you never get out!! Enjoy!!

NR3. Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

Driving California

I always dreamed about driving along the U.S, cruising in my Buick Electra cabriolet, listening to Fleetwood Mac … well… things don’t always turn out the way we picture them…
Here I am, on the road from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, in my rental Hyundai whatever model, listening to some sort of mexican cumbia on a random radio station.
Well, well, you know, getting the best out of situations is quite my trademark. I adapt easily, so here I am blending in with the local (mexican) culture.
“A burrito to go, please! Make it vegetarian Jouseiiii”