Free Dowloads!

I have been very excited about my upcoming show in Argentina! I am getting ready and really looking forward.

In order to celebrate, I have decided to give you all one of my songs free for download. I hope you enjoy it!




A little gift for all of you!

Some time ago someone asked me to make a cover of a Brazilian pop song from the ’80s. The original version of this one hit wonder was by a guy called Ritchie.

Here is my acoustic version. Might not be the best portuguese in the world, but hey! at least I tried. With all my love for Brazilians and the world here goes this free download. Tropical photo included 😉

Written by Ritchie and Bernardo Vilhena.
You can find Ritchie’s original version of the song on iTunes in the following link:


Isn’t internet wonderful? 13 years has passed since we released our first demo with my old band Dead End. Now some beautiful soul has made the old cassetterecording into mp3s and put them out there for download. Even scanned the cover with lyrics and everything. Thank you soo much!

Soo here it is. Download and enjoy some good old hardcore punk like it sounded back in the days!

Dead End-Download