Humahuaca y Bolivia

I left Tilcara for a short but beautiful trip to Humahuaca.


There I checked in at a Beautiful family owned hostel called el Coquena. If you ever go to Humahuaca that’s the place to go.

After checking in, I went to Bolivia. It’s just a 2hs. drive, sooo I had to check it out. It’s an important border for all kinds of illegal trafficking soo I thought that the controls to get across would be quite tough. Well… I was wrong. I asked a guard where I should go to do migration, and he said: No just pass, no pasa nada!! And I, who wanted a stamp in my passport, didn’t even get to show it.

Anyway, now some shopping in Bolivia.




Argentina is a big country.


The way back took a little longer because the road was blocked by some people protesting against something. People seems to be used to it here though.


The weather was not really on my side either.


Next stop: Purmamarca