Happy Valentine?

Everyday is valentine day when you are in love with someone. We don’t need to have a huge industry of commodities telling us when or how to celebrate love.
The most outrageous of ideas this year has been the release of this movie for valentine. Make war not love? C’mon! I have seen the trailer, I get it, and still…c’mon!!! Seriously? In the times we are living? With all the wars and unnecessary death around the world out of greed and power? Your best marketing idea to promote a movie to premiere on Valentine’s day is this? How much money do you make for creating unconscious hate?
Those who know me or listen to my music know how hard I work on spreading love and a better worldview, therefore my moment of rage and lack of understanding. I hope this is another major Hollywood failure!

Organic food on 3rd street.

If you go to L.A you need to stop by “Joan’s on third”. It’s a great restaurant/cafe/delicatess store. Here you find everything from cheese, marmalade and olives, to great coffee and homemade ice-cream. Whether you’re there for dinner or just a cup of coffee, you’re up for a threat. Here I’m enjoying my vegeteble sandwich.

Cooooooold it is!!!!

Back in Stockholm after 3 amazing weeks of sun, ocean and green hills in California. Stockholm decided to welcome me with darkness, snow and -17C. Thanx! Well, Sweden has a lot of great things to offer, but the weather mabye is not one of them. So instead of freezing my butt off outside, I’m inside listening to Mamas and the Papas with their California Dreamin’, dreaming away. But as the governor so nicely puts it: I’LL BE BACK!!!!

Me thirsty for sun.

A beautiful Los Angeles sunset.

Best fast food in town

I know, I am all about food lately. But that is what I love doing when I travel, EAT!

Sharky’s has the best mexican fast food in Los Angeles.

The best thing about Sharky’s? All the dishes come in a veggie option with TOFU! and they have many mexican tasty sauces to add to the dishes.

Here is my tofu fajitas, with black beans and rice.

Driving California

I always dreamed about driving along the U.S, cruising in my Buick Electra cabriolet, listening to Fleetwood Mac … well… things don’t always turn out the way we picture them…
Here I am, on the road from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, in my rental Hyundai whatever model, listening to some sort of mexican cumbia on a random radio station.
Well, well, you know, getting the best out of situations is quite my trademark. I adapt easily, so here I am blending in with the local (mexican) culture.
“A burrito to go, please! Make it vegetarian Jouseiiii”

Great food in L.A!!!!

I must say I was a little bit afraid of how the food would be like in Los Angeles. A lot of burgers and fries, and not a place for vegetarians. But boy was I wrong. There’s good vegetarian food all over town. The Farmers Market is fantastic. Every type of food you can imagine, and fresh fruits and veggies. Next to the Farmers Market there is also a big grocery store with only ecological and organic stuff. Can walk around there for hours.

Travel tip L.A.

1: Go to the Farmers market!
2: Go to the Farmers Market!