Romania at it’s best!

The stay in Romania was great. I didn’t have any expectations, but I was happily surprised. By plain luck I stumbled into this restaurant and I could go back just to eat there again. The chef is the judge in Rumainien master chef, and the food was great. The bartender was a super nice guy called Alexander ,and he treated us like kings. It was a long time since I met someone soo passionete for his job. The drinks with his homemade cinnamon syrup were delish. If you ever go to Rumania, go to La Salul Cel Negru and be amazed. And say hi to Alexander for me!




Hello Romania!

Sorry, sorry, sorry my fellow friends. The internet conection didn’t cooperate, so I couldn’t upload these days.

As you can see, I am now in Bucuresti, Romania. The sun is shinning (you all might know by now that warm weather makes me a happy man), though I couldn’t explore the city at large yet as I have been busy busy busy.

This delicious meal. Grilled trout and homemade tiramissu for dessert. Yummy!



Tomorrow they will close the restaurant where one of the judges in Master Chef Romania cooks, and we might film some party action for my videos. Excited!

Stay tuned!

Salmon Sushi? …

Today I felt for sushi so I ordered, as usual, salmon sushi.

They asked if I wanted Japanese or Korean style sushi, and couse as I’m in Korea I, of course, need to try it their way. I was a little surprised though when I got this (the red little seacreature was moving) and this


and this


and this


then a little sashimi


then this


and this


and then a little more sashimi and nigiri.


and of course different types of kimchi.

So if you go to Korea, be prepared to eat a lot, and not always what you think you orded!

Hello South Korea!

After a very long flight and a 5 h minibus ride I finally arrived to Gwangju in the southeast of South Korea. The hotell is insanely nice and the service is awesome. Just eaten a traditional Korean 4 course meal which was veeeery good (pictures coming up soon). Now some Korean The Voice, then off to bed.


The Voice Korea.


My room.


Plane food.