Power Trio Rehearsal

Just a normal rehearsal with the ThunderBabes: Theo and Salo. That’s how we do it. Tomorrow we are off to the picnic and pop festival. I am a couple of Babes short, but this power trio is going to rock Picnic and Pop like Picnic and pop has never been rocked before!

Rehearsal with The Babes.

Today we had our fist rehearsal for the show on Saturday and, of course, the babes delivered. Even though they are only two this time, it sounds like a whole orchestra. Here we are:


Theo the guitar guru.


Salo the drum machine


And here we have the Thunderbabes!


The Thunderbabes

The thunderbabes are a select and exclusive group of young musicians with whom I have the privilege of sharing the stage during my shows.

They have been carefully picked among thousands of applicants around the world, and have earned their place after undergoing the most rigorous challenges.

Here, for the first time, I reveal to you the secret footage from their audition.