Lunes 24 Noviembre, 2014 / Monday 24th November, 2014 Tune in! FM LA TRIBU

If you missed the interview, you can listen to it in the following link

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Directed by Ossian Gynther ———————————————————————————— New Album: INNER BEAUTY, now available on iTunes!!! 10581567_10152404453622286_1520472346_n Cover Girl: The beautiful creature in the cover is no other than gorgeous princess of Glamtron, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000. Thank you for all the inspiration and your contagious smile.Check out her website Dave Castaldo: Voice, bass, guitar, percussion, mellotron and piano. Johan Salomonsson: Drums in all songs except Can’t Get Enough. Theodor Arvidsson Kylin: Guitar in Scream, Keep On, and I Never Told You. Stella Thors Berefelt: Background vocals in Here to Stay, and percussion. Oscar Leander: Drums in Can’t Get Enough. C.G: Background vocals in Can’t Get Enough. Andres Dussel: Claps and whistle in I Never Told You. Graphic Design: Herman Carlsson Creative Director: Elizabeth Lundén Press Photographs: Mariana Kasses Special thanx to: The Thunderbabes, Alaska Thunderfuck, Justin Andrew Honard, Jonas Wågberg, Conny Wall, CG, Mariana Kasses, Viviana Reveron, Renato Tato Giovannoni,  Nicolas Bernaudo, The Mabs, Ossian Gynther, Antonio Castaldo, Andy Dussel and Rodolfo Valentino. “The most beautiful make up for a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” – Yves Saint Laurent All songs written, recorded and produced by Dave Castaldo at Sounds of Thunder studios (Stockholm, Sweden), except I Never Told You mixed and co-produced by Andres Dussel at Estudios Silbador (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Mastering by Hoffe at Cosmos Mastering.

I stumbled and I fell!!

I was walking home in the beautiful snow with my hands in my pockets and…… BAM!!! I stumbled and I fell!! Didn’t hit my head against a wall but my knee quite hard to the ground. I limped home in pain feeling kind of stupid.  Now I’m in the sofa and can’t get up. So I need you out there to tell me you love me so I can get up again!!

My Album is Ready!!!!!

And here is a little premiere for all of you who share some time with me here.

I am really looking forward to your comments. I put a hell loads of time and love in doing this.

It will be soon for sale on most digital music shops.

Enjoy, dance and remember to be happy!

Love to the world,