Power Trio Rehearsal

Just a normal rehearsal with the ThunderBabes: Theo and Salo. That’s how we do it. Tomorrow we are off to the picnic and pop festival. I am a couple of Babes short, but this power trio is going to rock Picnic and Pop like Picnic and pop has never been rocked before!

Succesful show!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU everyone for coming at Obaren and sharing this fantastic night. I was surprised and glad to see so many people there for the show when I came up on stage!

I saw a lot of cameras and phones there, hey! iPhones are taking over the world or what? So I am looking forward to seeing some nice videos. Even if you captured when I “stumbled and almost fall”.

Love to you all,


Handy Men!!!

C.G. and Tom cutting our new carpet in our new studio. What would I do without these two alfa-male, handy men, macho guys?! They know how to fix things, and I like taking pictures of them. What a team!!!