Food food and more food!

What can I say? Koreans people like to eat. I’m trying to keep up but it’s not easy. Order 1 dish, get 6. Classic. First up bamboo rise. 20120503-004717.jpg some fish and spicy salad.

20120503-005004.jpg bamboo and bamboo leaf tea

20120503-005916.jpg and of course kimchi, kimchi, miso soup, tofu, crab, more salad, seaweed, kimchi and kimchi.

Best fast food in town

I know, I am all about food lately. But that is what I love doing when I travel, EAT!

Sharky’s has the best mexican fast food in Los Angeles.

The best thing about Sharky’s? All the dishes come in a veggie option with TOFU! and they have many mexican tasty sauces to add to the dishes.

Here is my tofu fajitas, with black beans and rice.